Date: 11-Oct-2018
 Capt. Gogoi was awarded with Vir Chakra
Team JK Now 
Captain Jintu Gogoi was born in golaghat district of Assam. His father was an Indian Air Force Veteran. Youth of Assam consider him as their role model. He fought for India in the most inhospitable terrain and made Supreme Sacrifice for the Country.
Capt. Gogoi was in 17th Garhwal Regiment. He was on leave when he was called for, to join service. Mere 12 days had been passed of his engagement. Though he came back home again but this time, draped in Tri Color. There were no tears in the eyes of Capt. Gogoi’s wife, as her quiet dignity honored the Soldier more.

On 29th June, Capt. Gogoi was on a mission along with his troops to clear the enemy from Kala Pathar, a ridge within Batalik sub sector near LOC. He led his team to the top of ridge amid heavy rain fire. Soon he discovered that, enemy surrounded him and his troops. He was being asked to surrender. But valiant Capt. Gogoi chose different way and started shooting and killed two enemy soldiers. Suddenly a full burst through a machine gun from enemy side hit him in solar plexus.
He was severely wounded, but he continued firing at enemy to give safety cover to his troops and killed two enemies before he succumbed to injuries and thus finally laid his life for the nation.

On June 30, 1999, India lost its brave son who displayed immense valour at Battlefield.

Capt. Gogoi for his brave and unparalleled courageous act in Operation Vijay (Batalik Sector) was awarded with Vir Chakra (VrC)