Date: 26-Oct-2018

The first and the foremost myth about the war is that it started in the month of October 1947. But it was not so as the actual aggression from Pakistan began from September 1947 itself. The first raids began alongside the 500 miles Pakistan Border. This was done in order to divert and de-concentrate the state and national forces.
The Second Myth is that the aggression was done by the tribals of Pakistan, but it was not so as the attackers were the regulars of the Pakistan army led by Major Akbar khan. They were the Pasthuns, Pathans, Hazara Tribesman, Afridis, Mooslem League National Guards and the Pakistani army itself.
One of the Myths is that the war just ended in 1 month in the same year of 1947 from October to November. As usual is not the case, the fight went till the early 1949. The small and isolated parts were liberated by the army on a regular basis till January 1949 till both the sides decided it to a solution bilaterally. The war ran at a very high level till 1.5 years.

One of the popular misconception is that the war was just confined till Kashmir. But it was not the case as an extensive and a significant portion of the war was fought in Jammu in the parts like, punch Rajauri etc. A much important fight was fought in Leh and Ladakh valley where the tribals had captured the parts of valley and defeated the state forces of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian army liberated all the area of leh and Ladakh.
One of the foremost myths surrounding the problem is that the war stopped after the intervention of the United nations and the appointment of United nations Commissioner for India and Pakistan (UNCIP). But this is not true as the the fighting just stopped for the time being in July 1948 but Pakistan continued their offensive even after the arrival of the UNCIP defying all norms. However, India shifted its policy to defensive and not offensive as per the appeal made by the UNCIP.
One of the myths which surrounds is that the Indian Army just saved the Territory of Srinagar and not the advance or prepared to advance to other territories which are currently in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). But this is not true as the Indian army had made plans and strategies to liberate the whole of Kashmir including the POK regions of Bhimber, Skardu and Mirpur, Muzaffarabad but were not excuted as India had to regard the International norms and reached a point of truce wherein other operations were not executed.

One more myth is that the ceasefire was reached in the December 1947 and early of January 1948. But this does not stand true as the ceasefire was only achieved in July 1949 with the Karachi Agreement held at the city of Karachi.