Outlook Magazine must correct its Mischief, Shows POJK as part of Pakistan
         Date: 30-Nov-2018


Recent edition of Outlook Business Magazine ‘The Big Splurge’ has come out with the wrong Presentation of Indian map. The magazine has shown the China Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (COJK) and Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) as the territory of China and Pakistan respectively. Though the map of India clearly shows that these two areas very well belong to India and both the countries are in illegal occupation of it but magazine committed a big mischief. The editor is responsible for the correctness of the information in the magazines but it is quite surprising that the editor did not apply his/her mind to do the job properly. It is Essential that it should be ascertained whether it is the agenda of the editor of the magazine or is It done out of intellectual bankruptcy or certain hidden agenda is being running behind it.
We strongly condemn this obnoxious attempt by the magazine to subvert the territorial integrity of India on these areas, which are incorrectly depicted by the magazine in its latest edition. The Magazine must tender an apology for.