Major Vijay Kumar Berry who freed the Indian Territory on Western Sector
         Date: 28-Dec-2018

The Parachute Regiment was given the task of clearing the encroachment on Western Sector. After cease-fire on 17 December 1971, Pakistani troops occupied an area approximately 600 yards inside our territory in Western Sector and developed this into defences with minefields around it. Therefore, using the Parachute Regiment was of paramount importance during this operation. Major Vijay Kumar Berry carried out the assault. Leading his men through minefield, he charged the enemy position without any regard for his personal safety and captured the objective. Enemy, subjected the position to heavy artillery and mortar fire for the next twelve hours. Undaunted, Major Berry moved from section to section, inspiring his men and held on to the captured ground and cleared the intrusion. He was awarded Mahavir Chakra for the exemplary courage and leadership.
Major Vijay Kumar Berry was born on 26 Jun 1938 and he was the native of Delhi.