Captain D.S. Ahalawat the Brave Son of India
         Date: 05-Dec-2018

Captain DS Ahalawat was leading a Dogra Company during the attack on the Dera Baba Nanak bridgehead. The enemy created the concrete embankments with anti-tank guns and heavy and light automatics making the army operation difficult to succeed. The Company led by Captain Ahlawat came under heavy medium machine gun fire from a concrete pillbox. Captain Ahalawat charged the pillbox, grabbed the hot machine gun barrel with his right hand and threw a grenade into the pillbox and silenced the gun, thus making it possible to maintain the momentum of the attack and over-ran the objective. Captain Ahlawat displayed conspicuous gallantry, outstanding leadership and determination in the best traditions of the Army for which he was decorated with Mahavir Chakra.