Who is Radhika Gill ?
         Date: 11-Sep-2018
1. Is a lady who seek kind attention of Apex Court of India towards the problems and challenges being faced by more than hundreds of safai karamcharis in Jammu Kashmir.
2. Despite Being a citizen of India, these Valmikis of JK have been denied: (1) Right to Vote in local elections of State, 2) Govt. Job and Social Welfare benefits 3) Admission in Professional College.
3. Surprisingly ! Fundamental Rights have been denied to these Valmikis, Who belongs to Schedule Caste of JK, ever since 1947.
4. Radhika Gill belongs to this depressed class of people in J&K called Safai Karamchari (Valmiki Samaj)
5. She is a sports-woman born in Jammu Kashmir, since then residing and living in Jammu Kashmir.
6. She is a rank holder in “Shot Put” and “100 meter Race” in 14th State Athletic Championship of JK
7. She along with other members of Valmiki Samaj is deprived of basic human rights by State Government of JK in the garb of Article 35A
8. She has been out rightly denied the employment opportunities in JK. Though educationally qualified and eligible to apply for Civil Post of State Services.
9. Article 35A sanctifies the crass discrimination with which deals blow to rights and dignity of Safai Karamcharis of JK.
10. She has been denied “Permanent Resident Certificate” by JK State because of Article 35A: in unjust, unfair and discriminatory manner
11. She has taken this fight against Injustice to Supreme Court of India.
12. She recently filed a Writ Petition in S.C fighting against this arbitrary Article 35A and Sec.6 of JK Constitution
13. She is fighting against the arbitrary attitude of JK State.
14. Are you with Radhika Gill in her fight against injustice ?
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