Jammu Kashmir – A Victim of faulty discourse ( Part-1)

There is a struggle going in the State of Jammu Kashmir between Nationalist forces and Separatists. The Political Background of Jammu and Kashmir – ( Part-1)  The history of Jammu Kashmir is ancient. According to the ancient sources it begins with Kashyap Rishi. Kashmir, perhaps, is the only region in India which has a systematically documented history. The Rajtarangini by Kalhan is a document of the same nature.  The history of Jammu is equally ancient. If one investigates, ..

Major Hoshiyar Singh - Conspicuous Gallantry, Indomitable Fighting Spirit And Leadership

He was a very good example of a person who leads from the front and as a result of his leadership abilities and his aggression, major Hoshiyar Singh was spotted by one of the senior officials of the Jat regimental centre and who persuaded him to join the Jat regiment in the indian army...