Major Anup Singh Gahlaut: A warrior who led by example

Major Anup Singh Gahlaut was given the task of establishing a roadblock deep inside enemy held territory in the Laksam Sector on the Eastern Front. He successfully led his company in the enemy lane and inflicted a heavy causality on them. Even during the heavy attack Major showed extra-ordinary courage and led a platoon and successfully pinned down the enemy company. Though he was surrounded by the enemy from different directions, he rallied his men and succeeded in breaking the enemy attack. Major ..

BSF Surgically Targeted Pakistan Posts Along International Border Says DG

  Border Security Forces that guards the India’s international border with Pakistan has surgically attacked on the Pakistani Posts in retaliation that has caused heavy causalities to Pakistan, mentioned the BSF Director General Rajnikant Mishra on Friday.  In response to the question whether BSF has conducted any study in the western sector near Jaisalmer and expressed concern about unexpected change in the demography in that area, Misra clearly mentioned that they have not ..


   The first and the foremost myth about the war is that it started in the month of October 1947. But it was not so as the actual aggression from Pakistan began from September 1947 itself. The first raids began alongside the 500 miles Pakistan Border. This was done in order to divert and de-concentrate the state and national forces. The Second Myth is that the aggression was done by the tribals of Pakistan, but it was not so as the attackers were the regulars of the Pakistan army ..

Contribution of Meherchand Mahajan in integration of Jammu & Kashmir

  When we talk about unification of India, one name which is given credit for it is that of Sardar Patel, who certainly deserves this credit and prominence. However, there were a few people who also played a very important role in the integration of the princely states with India, especially those princely states which were controversial and difficult to integrate. Meherchand Mahajan was one such person, who played a very crucial role in the integration of Jammu & Kashmir with India. &nb..

Historical facts related to Accession

 Prior to partition in 1947, British rule over India consisted two different sets of geographical regions. One comprised of various provinces administered by the Viceroy of India (constituted 60% of the land area of the sub-continent referred to a..

The first victims of regular 22 Oct 1947 onslaught by Military & Tribals are still suffering after 7 decades

Although the tourbles on the borders of the then Princely State of J&K along Pakistan side had started in early September 1947 with the consent/ under the designs of the Governemnt of Pakistan but the final open attack was launched on J&K by Pak..

Jammu Kashmir – A Victim of faulty discourse ( Part-1)

There is a struggle going in the State of Jammu Kashmir between Nationalist forces and Separatists. The Political Background of Jammu and Kashmir – ( Part-1)  The history of Jammu Kashmir is ancient. According to the ancient sources it begins with Kashyap Rishi. Kashmir, perhaps, is the only region in India which has a systematically documented history. The Rajtarangini by Kalhan is a document of the same nature.  The history of Jammu is equally ancient. If one investigates, ..

Major Hoshiyar Singh - Conspicuous Gallantry, Indomitable Fighting Spirit And Leadership

He was a very good example of a person who leads from the front and as a result of his leadership abilities and his aggression, major Hoshiyar Singh was spotted by one of the senior officials of the Jat regimental centre and who persuaded him to join the Jat regiment in the indian army...