The Political Background of Jammu and Kashmir

The history of Kashmir is ancient. According to the ancient sources it begins with Kashyap Rishi. Kashmir, perhaps, is the only region in India which has a systematically documented history. The Rajtarangini by Kalhan is a document of the same nature. The..

Jammu Kashmir: The Deadly Game of Perceptions

 Going by the headlines of last few days, the entire state of Jammu-Kashmir appsears to be on the boil, with anti-India protests everywhere, stone-pelting, police firing, terrorist encounters… And that’s exactly what they want us to think – us, the people outside the state in India and abroad. After all, their survival depends on it!The separatist-cum-terrorist elements in Jammu Kashmir state have been active far too long to let go of their ‘movement’ easily. As ..

Article 35A still has exceptional resonance in J&K

Article 35A still has exceptional resonance in J&K..