See Pics: Snowfall in Gulmarg & Pehalgam, Heavy Rain in plains of Jammu Kashmir

 The tourist destinations of Kashmir Valley, including Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonmarg received the first snowfall of the season, temperature dropped down to 2 degree Celsius after 3 inches of snowfall recorded by Meteorological department. While tourists are enjoying picturesque snowfall. See the pics. On the other side of the valley, the low lying plains received heavy rains in last 24 hours; The Met department has predicted more rains in days to come. See pics.  Meanwhile Jammu-Srinaga..

Article 35-A promotes gender disparity

Is gender parity or equality a part of the `basic structure' doctrine of the Indian Constitution? That every Indian citizen, of whichever gender, has equal rights and cannot be discriminated against on the basis of gender alone.  It was in 1973 that the basic structure doctrine was clearly enunciated. Is it within the powers of Parliament or the President or the Prime Minister, or them collectively, to deprive a section of citizens, on the basis of gender, from their rights? Preamble of the ..