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Murder of Isharat Muneer exposes merciless, sadistic, brutal face of terrorists

Jaibans Singh“Fear” is the primary instrument for the sustenance of terror! Terrorists depend upon this element to further their multifarious unholy activities, be it wanton killing of innocents, recruitment into their fold or seeking administrative support. Quite naturally, “informers” are considered to be the worst possible traitors by the terrorists and for them is reserved the most brutal and sadistic death imaginable. Such killing of informers is given wide publicity ..

Accession could be done even after August 15, 1947

  With the enactment of Indian Independence Act, 1947 British retreat from India was confirmed in 1947 itself. Hence, Indians now had to prepare certain rules and regulations to manage the internal affairs and external relations of the country, therefore, Constitution of India has to be prepared. Simultaneously, the princely states, which were having suzerainty of British crown, would be freed and their respective rulers have to decide which dominion their state will go. Therefore, a common ..

Pakistan double speak on Islam and Muslims: Considers Persecution of Uighur Muslims in China normal

Though hundreds of Muslims in Indonesia were protesting outside the embassy of China in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on Friday against the illegal confinement of Muslim ethnic Uighur minority in the detention centres at China’s far western Xinjiang region yet no such demonstrations or protests were reported from Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan does not find any problem with these detention centres, which are meant for political indoctrination of Uighur Muslims and to force the..

Murderous mob of stone-pelters or innocent people?

Security forces remain under constant threat in Kashmir valley. Moving in Kashmir valley is difficult for them though they are responsible to provide security to the citizens of India. Also, the security forces has to take care of securing the borders of the country, which has always remained under the constant threat from an unfriendly country that is always making pretext to usurp the boundary illegally as it has done in 1947...

Let us remember the valour and supreme sacrifice of our army on Vijay Diwas

  Vijay Diwas (Victory Day) is celebrated every year on 16th December in India and Bangladesh with pomp and show to celebrate the victory of Indian army over Pakistan and independence of Bangladesh. India also commemorates this day to remember the martyrs, who laid their life in 1971 war between India and Pakistan. On this day in 1971, the chief of the Pakistani forces, General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, along with 93,000 troops, surrendered to the allied forces consists of Indian Army and ..

Does The Wire want ban on patriotic movies?

  The recent article of The Wire ‘Uri’ Trailer: Brace Yourselves, More Toxic Hyper-Nationalism is Coming’ suggest that the patriotic movies like ‘Uri’ have overtures of intolerance and hyper-nationalism. Interestingly, The Wire has used the world ‘hyper-nationalism’ four times, once in the title and thrice in the article, to convey the message that the movie ‘Uri’ will increase the level of intolerance among the people. Ironically, The ..


 Team JK Now Capt. Gogoi was awarded with Vir Chakra    Captain Jintu Gogoi was born in golaghat district of Assam. His father was an Indian Air Force Veteran. Youth of Assam consider him as their role model. He fought for India in the most inhospitable terrain and made Supreme Sacrifice for the Country.  Capt. Gogoi was in 17th Garhwal Regiment. He was on leave when he was called for, to join service. Mere 12 days had been passed of his engagement. Though he came back home ..

Jammu and Kashmir: Heed the message of peace and reconciliation

The Union Government, on May, 16, declared “suspension of operations” (also termed as ceasefire) in Jammu and Kashmir during the holy month of Ramadan! The initiative, taken at the behest of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, is designed to facilitate a peaceful holy month for the people of the state, especially so in Kashmir...