IAF plans to acquire 15 Suicide Drones that can completely destroy high-value Enemy Military Targets

In order to enhance its unmanned warfare capability, Indian Air force is contemplating to get 15 more HAROP attack drones that can crash into high-value enemy military targets to destroy them completely. These drones will be equipped with electro-optical sensors to loiter over high-value military targets such as surveillance bases and radar stations before destroying them to the rabble.
According to the sources, “A proposal to acquire these attack drones is expected to be discussed by the Defence Ministry at a high-level meeting in the coming week to strengthen the fleet of such drones in the Air Force”. Once IAF receives a green signal from the Ministry, it would exercise the option clause in the previous deal signed a few years ago with Israel. Israel is the main supplier of drones to IAF including the Searcher and the Heron. The Project Cheetah would be discussed with Israel under which almost all the drones of the three services would be turned into high-quality attack drones and their surveillance capabilities would also be enhanced.
IAF is also working on developing indigenous combat drones that can be deployed on the borders of China and Pakistan, once the project is completed. The combat drones are quite useful and they have been used by Americans to target terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.