Security forces started Operation Gazi in Kashmir to kill Jaish commander
Jammu Kashmir Now | The facts and information abou   04-Jan-2019

Security forces rolled out operation Gazi to trace and either nab or kill the dreadful Jaish commander Abdul Rashid Ganzi, who have been sent by the terrorist group to speed up attacks on the security forces, training terrorists to use weapons and strengthening the network of Jaish in Kashmir Valley. Jaish's mastermind Masood Azhar sent Commander Abdul Rashid Ghazi from Pakistan to save their shrinking battleground in Jammu and Kashmir. Gazi was actively involved in battle with American forces in Afghanistan. He had trained the many jihadis in the training camps of Jaish, which is located at Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, near Punjab province of Pakistan. He is also considered an IED specialist.
He entered the valley some four months back and continuously changes his hideouts so that the security forces could not get hold of him. Many terrorists are gunned down by the security forces since, it has started operation all out. The morale of the terrorists has also dropped considerably. The terrorist organization Jaish is scared that it may loose its grip in Kashmir and the peace would prevail in the valley. More than 250 terrorists have been killed by the security forces in this year in Kashmir valley and still the forces are doing combing operation regularly.