Terrorism is not an indigenous movement in Kashmir: Army Commander

Declining that the terrorism is an indigenous movement, Singh said out of the total 836 terrorists killed in the last five years, 490 were Pakistani or foreign nationals. He said the fight against terrorism had entered in crucial phase. He added, “The fight against militancy has now entered an important phase and I can proudly say that the nation owes this transformation to all our gallant soldiers including paramilitary forces and J&K Police, who have shed a great deal of sweat and blood to herald this challenge”. He said Jammu and Kashmir is passing through a progressive yet very challenging phase and Jammu and Kashmir and Army have faced every situation bravely and came out victorious, since the independence of the country. He added, “it pains us when we see the youth being misled towards a path of mindless violence.”Praising the important role played by Kashmiris in tackling with terrorism Singh said “On hinterland, security forces conducted successful operations, whose credit goes to people of Kashmir, who support forces for better future”.

Army leaves no scope for mistake
Responding to the demand of former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Singh said “Everybody has given views on various incidents. On the statement you indicated (Mehbooba Mufti’s), the governor also made a statement which is different to that but the only thing I will assure is that army conducts its operations in most professional manner”. He added, “There are dos and dont’s for every soldier. If anything goes wrong, we will investigate and clear action accordingly.” He admitted that investigation is going on in the killing of Aurangzeb in which Army is questioning its own soldier. He said “We had questioned 2-3 soldiers, who intentionally or unintentionally shared the information about movement of Aurangzeb, which militants used to kill him,” Singh said. “The investigation is on and details have been shared with police also.”