Do some terrorist attacks first, if you want to get the gun: Terrorist Bhatt was told by Hizbul

Yasir Javed Bhatt, the Hizbul terrorist who lobbed a grenade on Jammu Bus Stand told to the investigating agencies, he threw the grenade to prove that he is worthy of doing the terrorist attack. He told the agencies that he even did banking transactions and supplied arms and ammunition to the terrorists. He told the investigating agencies that he wrapped the grenade in a tiffin box so that no one knows about it. He informed the agencies that he told the Hizbul block commander Farooq Ahmed Bhatt that he wants to do something big. He asked Farooq when he will get the gun, on which Farooq replied that he must do some terrorist attack so that Farooq would know what he is capable of. Hence, Yasir did this terrorist attack and he considers it a small thing. In this attack, 2 persons lost their lives and over 33 people got injured.