Irked by India's anti-terror campaign, Pakistan hijacks LIVE session: POJK President plays a snooper

Pakistan hijacks LIVE ses
After a failed attempt to cause an obstruction in the anti-terror global campaign running successfully worldwide on Sunday, an insecure Pakistan hijacked the LIVE session of online protest late evening yesterday initiated by collective efforts from India to support Kashmiri Hindus. The online campaign which invited one and all from around the globe to participate in the movement from their homes, expressing solidarity with Kashmiri Hindus and raise voices against Pakistan sponsored Islamist terrorism received wide acclamation from worldwide but irked Pakistan.
On Sunday, the online protest attained a huge response from people living in major cities of big nations like Britain, U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. apart from India, turning it into a historical event. The campaign with hashtag #HinduUnitedAgainstTerror trended topmost worldwide yesterday, throughout the day.
However, the entire movement caused uneasiness to many in Pakistan who first tried to overtake it with lame hashtags and when failed, tried to hijack it. As the world united against terror on Sunday while standing strong for Hindus in and around the country and demanding justice for slain Hindu Sarpanch Ajay Pandita, POJK's President Masood Khan very impatiently took to his social media handle to comment on the campaign displaying his restlessness and discomfort over the successfully running global protest.
Later in the evening, when the social campaign was going LIVE while connecting people from over 100 big cities of the world, Pakistan hijacked it from the social media platform through China-based application Zoom. To obstruct the movement and malign the cause, obscene clips were put in the online protest by Pakistan's terror mindsets.
Disturbed by protests' popularity, Pakistan tried to demean the motive and caused hindrance
In highly condemnable and insecure act, Pakistan went to an extent to create fake hashtags with delusional and counter topics. However, the massive drive very firmly made its way to top trends receiving a huge response from all over the world and proving global unity for Hindus.
As per the remarkable figures registered from the historical online protest, over 35 crore people were reached out through the campaign and over 100 cities from the world responded on the social media platform sharing their pro-Hindu and anti-terror slogans widely.
In total, around 6.38 lac tweets were sent across by people expressing solidarity with Kashmiri Hindus turning the whole movement into a phenomenal event.