Human Right Violations in Xinjiang: UK Parliamentarians Blast Chinese Ambassador

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The Chinese regime is known for its suppressive policies against various ethnic communities, may it be in Tibet or be it on the Uyghur Muslims of its Xinjiang province. The CCP has been behind harassment of the Uyghur muslims and “gross human rights violations” in the region. Tuesday saw more than 130 parliamenterians from the UK, across party lines write to Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, London to condemn China’s treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority and accuse Beijing of “systametic ethnic cleansing.”
An estimated 10 lakh Uyghurs have been detained in camps that the Chinese call “voluntary education centers” in the country’s southwestern province of Xinjiang. Here people also face curbs on practicing their faith and are subject to state surveillance.
“The Chinese Government’s actions must be stated for what they are: a systematic and calculated program of ethnic cleansing against the Uyghur people,” the cross-party members of the House of Commons and House of Lords wrote in a letter dated Tuesday. “When the world is presented with such overwhelming evidence of gross human rights abuses, nobody can turn a blind eye.”
The letter, written by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh and signed by 76 MPs and 57 Lords, tells ambassador Liu Xiaoming that “chilling” footage of Uighur Muslims being sent to internment camps in China was similar to “historical footage of Nazi concentration camps”.

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Detention Camp in Xinjiang 
The group of parliamentarians – which includes Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey and former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith – expressed their “absolute condemnation” of the Chinese state, while accusing it of conducting a “systematic and calculated programme of ethnic cleansing against the Uyghur people”.
China has repeatedly denied setting up such re-education camps, instead said that it has established vocational centers aimed at preventing terrorism.
Xiaoming became a source of controversy in July, after he was shown footage during a BBC interview of hundreds of chained Uyghurs being loaded onto trains headed for internment camps. The Chinese ambassador denied such accusations of ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang, instead he said that China treats every ethnic group as “equal.”

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 Uighurs living in Turkey Protest against China
Liu responded to the footage by saying Xinjiang was the most beautiful place in China, before adding that the video was just a “transfer of prisoners” and that Uighurs have a “harmonious” life.
McDonagh said western countries had a responsibility to take action and put a stop to the oppression and ethnic cleansing in China. “This is a systematic and calculated programme of ethnic cleansing against the Uighur people. When the world is presented with such overwhelming evidence of gross human rights abuses, nobody can turn a blind eye” she said.