J&K police slams Mehbooba Mufti for attacking the prestigious CID

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After PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti targeted the J&K CID officers on social media while putting serious allegations on its investigation policy as well as noble professionalism, the J&K police has slammed Mufti for such “unfortunate” comments on public platform.
In an official tweet, the J&K Police stated that “recent comments about CID investigations in the public domain through social media are unfortunate for two reasons, for being factually incorrect and making CID officers vulnerable to increased threats and enhanced risks.”
Through its official handle on Twitter, the J&K police in response to Mehbooba’s baseless allegations while hitting out at her also stated that “it is factually incorrect that an under investigation person was tortured.” It added that CID investigations are done professionally and as per law.
In what can be clearly called an ‘attack on CID’s noble services, PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti had earlier raised questions on the conduct of CID and said that “J&K CID has joined the list of central agencies that work to terrorise Kashmiris and falsely implicate them.” While mentioning the case of a PDP member, she went on to the extent to point at J&K CID officers who were investigating the case and alleged that “after failing to substantiate charges against him, CID replaced the SIT head because he refused to be an accomplice in framing invented charges.”