Know About Brigadier Majit Singh #RememberingOurHeroes

Brigadier Majit Singh _1&
Within hours of assuming Corriend of an Infantry Brigade in Sri Lanka as part of the Indian Peace keeping Force Brigadier Majit Singh was tasked to establish a link up with Jaffna Fort along Western Pincer in the face of all out efforts by the militants . to thwart their advance. Brigadier Manjit Singh saw his Brigade
5132de being delayed in reaching the desired area and appreciating the need to speed up the operations himself assumed the charge of the .. .. leading elements. With just two Companies of Rajput Pilles, he broke through the desperate cordon of the militants and successfully established a link up with Para Conm on dos operating from Jaffna Fortrí His leadership and demonstration of personal valour in the face of grave dan ger so motivated his Command that the whole Brigade suddenly was filled with elan and sense of purpose to move forward. ..
Throughout the operation, Brigadier Manjit Singh displayed conspicuous courage and valian leadership in the face of the militants.