June 24, 1990, Story of a meritorious student shot indiscriminately by terrorists while the hospitals and police in Srinagar conspired his death

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In the 1990s, Islamic terrorists in the Kashmir Valley were completely after the lives of innocent Kashmiri Hindus while extremist Islamists in the valley had joined hands with the terrorists. The officers and employees sitting in government institutions were also openly supporting the terrorists in expelling the Hindus. Everyone felt that Nizam-e-Mustafa was sure to come to Kashmir. So whether it was out of fear or support, a large section of government employees supported the terrorists.
Ashwini Kumar Gadhayali, 25, lived in Chattabal, Srinagar with his parents and two siblings. Ashwini, who was studying Chartered Accountancy was a brilliant student. However, neighbors and terrorists started suspecting that he was an informer for the government. On June 24, 1990, five armed terrorists of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) entered Ashwini's house covering their faces and accused Ashwini of being a government informer and that he was giving information about the movement of Islamic terrorists in the area to the security agencies. Ashwini, who was studying in his study room although denied the allegations, but the terrorists escaped after firing five bullets at the young, innocent boy.
Fortunately, despite being hit by five bullets, Ashwini was still breathing so there was little hope for the family that he could be saved. However, there was no way they could reach to the hospital timely from home. Ashwini's father Shambhunath reached the local police station, pleading that his injured son needed to be taken to the hospital. But the police neither helped them nor believed a single word Ashwini’s father uttered.
A badly frightened family somehow rushed the severely injured Ashwini to the SMHS hospital in Srinagar. But shockingly, the hospital refused to admit him. When the family members took Ashwini to the Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura, even there the doctors neither checked on the young boy nor paid any heed to his severe condition. He was left unattended, to die.
A brilliant student and bright young boy with aspirations had died. But the family’s grief still had no ends. When Ashwini's body was taken to Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Hospital, Rainawari for post-mortem, the family was made to wait for endless hours. They were even asked for a hefty amount.
The dreadful incident proves how the employees sitting in government institutions were strongly supporting the terrorists. The terror incident created tremendous distrust and fear among Kashmiri Hindus living in the valley. As a result, in the next few years, more than 2.5 lakh Kashmiri Hindus with a heavy heart, left the valley forever.